Your Go-To for Towing in North Haven CT

If you are in the area and are in search of a reliable towing company in North Haven CT, you can count on our Nelcon Towing & Recovery team! We are reliable, and our services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You don’t want to call on just anyone when you need help with your vehicle. We have been trusted for years by drivers in the area to take care of them and their car! Here at Nelcon Towing & Recovery, we have all of the proper equipment needed to safely tow any and all vehicles! While we are a AAA provider, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t, we will help you out either way!

Don’t forget, Nelcon has Terminals in Meriden, North Haven, Plainville, Middletown, and Southington and we service All Points of CT & Beyond!

Towing In North Haven Ct | Nelcon Towing &Amp; Recovery Towing & Recovery in North Haven CT

Do you need a tow for your heavy duty truck? We are Connecticut’s Heavy Duty Towing Specialist! We offer towing for vehicles of any size, big or small! In fact, we offer light, medium and heavy duty towing services. We take pride in being the towing company you can call on. It doesn’t matter what size your vehicle may be, we even tow motorcycles! Along with towing, we are proud to offer recovery service. You don’t want to trust just anyone with recovery service. If you call on the wrong tow company, you may end up dealing with more damage to your vehicle than before. Our Nelcon team is the best at recovery in the state. We have the fleet needed to properly handle any job, big or small!

We Also Offer Roadside Assistance!

We’re happy to offer even more than just towing and recovery for those in North Haven CT and surrounding areas. If you are not looking for a tow or recovery service, we are happy to provide roadside assistance to those in North Haven CT and surrounding areas! Did you lock yourself out of your car with the keys inside? Our team will be there in no time to help you get back in the car without causing any damage to the vehicle. We’re also able to give your battery a jump start if you go to start your vehicle and it won’t start. Along with this, we can also test the battery and replace it if need be! Do you need gas delivered to you because you ran out on the side of the road? We’ve got you covered. We are also happy to help you change a flat tire, so you don’t have to hassle with it on the side of a busy road!

Give Us A Call Today!

Next time you’re stuck on the side of the road and need a tow, call on our Nelcon team! We strive to make each and every one of our customers happy with our service! The quickest way to reach us is by dialing (203) 239-3920. However, if you are not in a rush and are not in an emergency situation, please feel free to request service with us online! These online requests are only received during normal business hours. If you need help outside of those hours, please just give us a call and we will be happy to help! We are happy to help drivers in the North Haven CT area, and hope to continue doing so for years to come!